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Why Become a FATE Member

We offer you the benefits of joining a very experienced group of people who when grouped together allows you access to tips hints and membership advice on technical issues that you maybe having difficulty with.

With today's advanced designs you require specialist knowledge to repair, service and fault find, each make of automatic gearbox. Every autobox has it own problems. For example some import cars have speedometer to automatic gearbox communications problems which stops you selecting gears. At FATE we would be able to put you in touch with someone with the knowledge.

All of our members are vetted by our federation to ensure best working practises, thus giving all members the confidence in the information and advice obtained is the highest.

In addition you receive information about special industry shows and fairs that you can attend. This will allow you to be right at the front of automatic gearbox development and design.

So why delay, do it now, just press the button below and fill out our new online application. After submission we will arrange a visit to you for vetting and joining procedures.

If you require more information the please use the contact us button above.

Membership Application