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Post Ref :- 0001/17

Auto Trans Preston.

Wanted.. Wanted.. Wanted..

A 69T crown wheel for JF405E diff and pinion for a Picanto. Wanted urgently a 69T crown wheel and 19T pinion with a 46T transfer gear attached - could always change transfer gear if I could only just find a 69T crown wheel. Do you have one for sale??

Call Grant on 01772 259068 & 01772 258117 if you have one.

or email us at:


Post Ref :- 0001/19

Stephens Engineering Automatics Ltd. Thundridge

Wanted.. Wanted.. Wanted..

We need a 4HP14 new or a good unit. Hard but hopefully not impossible. Vehicle details Rover 820i.

Call Bill Stephens on 01920 462530 or if you have one.